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1-Well Racks

Keep single tubes upright in confined spaces

Select among our three one-well racks--epoxy-coated steel wire racks, friction-fit polystyrene racks, or interlocking polypropylene racks.

The autoclavable, epoxy-coated steel wire rack provides more friction with the benchtop for more secure positioning. The friction-fit polystyrene rack slides smoothly across the benchtop and snugly fits tubes from 27.5 to 29.0 mm in diameter. Both racks hold conical- or round-bottom tubes. Friction-fit rack measures 92 mm dia x 30 mm H. Coated wire rack measures 90 x 67 x 67 mm. Friction-fit racks sold in pack of 5.

Molded circular base ring keeps conical or round-bottom tubes in place. Interlock polypropylene racks to form a line of 50 mL tubes, or use as a single, stand-alone rack. Autoclavable. Assorted colors: one each of blue, green, yellow, pink, and orange. Measure 83 x 70 x 67 mm. Pack of 5.

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