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Digestion Tubes

Replacement tubes for most block digestors

  • Borosilicate glass
  • Three styles
  • Excellent value

Tubes are manufactured from heavy wall, borosilicate glass in styles and dimensions for use with Westco, AIM, Fisher, Lachat BD 46 and earlier models and most other block digestors. Available as straight-sided, constricted with volume mark or Lachat style with round or flat bottoms. Constricted style delivers maximum refluxing and speeds digestion. Lachat style has an expansion bulb that reduces surfactant foaming and volume markings at 20 and 50 mL.Cold finger condensers recover up to 99% of sulfuric acid fumes.

CanLab No. Description Qty/Uom
33D8489 DIGESTION TUBE, Straight, 75 mL 40/CS

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