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Global Scientific
Borosilicate Glass Culture Tubes

Globe Scientific introduces a new line of high quality borosilicate glass culture tubes. These tubes offer exceptional quality at great prices. They are neatly packaged in heavy duty boxes of 250 and are shrink wrapped to keep them particle free. The boxes are compact and designed to fit into most test tube dispensers.

  • Tubes can be used for tissue culture and blood banks
  • Tubes are chemically inert
  • Produced in an ISO 9001:2008 certified factory
  • Made from superior quality borosilicate glass to reduce pH changes and contaminants that are potentially leached from tubes made from soda lime glass
  • Tubes feature well-rounded bottoms and smooth fire-polished rims

CanLab No. Description Pack Case
96M8121 Borosilicate Glass Culture Tube, 10 x 75mm, 3mL 250 1000
07M8121 Borosilicate Glass Culture Tube, 12 x 75mm, 5mL 250 1000
17M8121 Borosilicate Glass Culture Tube, 13 x 100mm, 7mL 250 1000
27M8121 Borosilicate Glass Culture Tube, 16 x 100mm, 10mL 250 1000
37M8121 Borosilicate Glass Culture Tube, 16 x 125mm, 12mL 250 1000
47M8121 Borosilicate Glass Culture Tube, 16 x 150mm, 15mL 250 1000
57M8121 Metal Dispenser for 10 x 75mm and 12 x 75mm glass culture tubes 1 -
67M8121 Metal Dispenser for 13 x 75mm glass culture tubes 1 -

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