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Global Scientific
Colored and Frosted Microscope Slides

  • Pre-cleaned and ready-to-use
  • Offered in six bright, attractive colors
  • Color frosted: 1 end, 1 side
  • 25 x 75 x 1 mm
  • Ground with safety corners

The ground edge slide with safety corners provides slightly clipped corners for comfortable handling and to prevent the risk of finger and hand cuts. All slides are printed with “Globe” under the frosting area for orientation purposes.

CanLab No. Description Pack Case
75T8221 Microscope Slide, White Frosted 72 1440
85T8221 Microscope Slide, Blue Frosted 72 1440
95T8221 Microscope Slide, Green Frosted 72 1440
06T8221 Microscope Slide, Orange Frosted 72 1440
16T8221 Microscope Slide, Pink Frosted 72 1440
26T8221 Microscope Slide, Yellow Frosted 72 1440

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