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Denville XLE Electronic Pipettes, Rotating carousel stand for 6XLE pipettes

Warranty: 1 year

  • Motorized piston drive

  • Minimizes hand fatigue

  • Exceptional accuracy

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery

  • Comfortable and user friendly

Denville's XLE Electronic Pipette is fully motorized to eliminate the hand strain associated with repetitive pipetting. It is unexpectedly light and well-balanced, fitting naturally in either the left or right hand. Activation of the plunger requires only a small, natural movement of the index finger while the tip ejector slides easily with minimal effort from the thumb. Angled toward the user, the large LCD is clear and easy to read.

A microprocessor controls operation of the stepping motor which accurately and precisely drives the piston for aspiration and dispensing. The plunger position is continuously montiored to ensure that movement is exactly the same every time. The XLE is self calibrating.

Six operational modes expand the capablilites of the XLE beyond routine pipetting. The large screen and simple interface allows users to easily select the appropriate operating parameters. The program memory holds up to nine different sets of operating parameters for future recall. In order to ensure proper operation of the XLE, the software includes a self-diagnosis program that constantly monitors the accuracy of volume, battery status and the auto-calibration function.

The XLE is available in single and multichannel versions. Both have adjustable tip ejectors and shafts designed to accept standard pipet tips. The lower portion of all the XLE models is easily removed for autoclaving. The XLE is supplied complete with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, a shelf clip and charging adapter. The battery will hold its charge through 2,000 pipetting cycles. Recharging may be accomplished in three hours without removing the battery from the pipette - simply plug the unit into the charging adapter. To ensure you always have a charged unit, extra batteries and an external charger are available. Charging batteries in the external charger takes 8 hours.

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