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Dispensette® III Bottletop Dispensers with SafetyPrime™ Valves

Ideal for dispensing strong acids, bases and solvents

  • Analog, fixed volume and digital styles
  • May be autoclaved at 250°F (121°C)
  • SafetyPrime® valve system reduces spurting during priming

PFA-coated piston provides excellent resitance to strong acids, bases and solvents. Valves have been optimized for reduced operating force and are simple to maintain to improve service life with crystallizing liquids. Floating piston design closes tolerances for smooth one-handed operation. Discharge tube may be rotated 360° so that bottle label faces user. Safety discharge valve prevents dispensing unless discharge tube is installed properly. Telescopic fitting tube adjusts to bottle size without cutting. SafetyPrime valve system reduces the hazard of spurting or splashes caused by air bubbles when priming instrument by channeling the reagent back into the unit while the bubbles are purged, which also conserves environmentally-sensitive or expensive reagents. Piston cylinder is covered in transparent TPX® outer sleeve to protect user in the event of breakage. Safety cap at the end of the discharge tube is easy to open, even in gloves.

Analog models are adjusted by sliding the corrosion resistant pointer to the desired volume and tightening the screw. Digital models are adjusted by turning a knob to the desired volume.

Dispensers include a discharge tube, filling tube, valve mounting tool, polypropylene thread adapters, certificate of performance and an operating manual.

CanLab No. Mfg. No. Description Qty/Uom
46L5577 4701131 Dispensette III, Analog Adjustable, 0.5-5mL, with SafetyPrime valve 1/EA
66L5577 4701141 DISPENSETTE III, Analog 1-10 mL 1/EA
07L5577 4701161 Dispensette III, Analog Adjustable, 5-50mL, with SafetyPrime valve 1/EA
28L5577 4701321 Dispensette III, Digital Adjustable, 0.2-2mL, Easy Calibration, with SafetyPrime valve 1/EA
48L5577 4701331 Dispensette III, Digital Adjustable, 0.5-5mL, Easy Calibration, with SafetyPrime valve 1/EA
68L5577 4701341 DISPENSETTE III, Digital, 1-10 mL 1/EA
88L5577 4701351 Dispensette III, Digital Adjustable, 2.5-25mL, Easy Calibration, with SafetyPrime valve 1/EA
09L5577 4701361 Dispensette III, Digital Adjustable, 5-50mL, Easy Calibration, with SafetyPrime valve 1/EA

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