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Dispensette® S Digital Bottletop Dispensers


  Capacity Subdivision Accuracy Precision
0.1-1mL 0.005mL <= +/-0.6% <= 0.2%
0.2-2mL 0.01mL <= +/-0.5% <= 0.1%
0.5-5mL 0.02mL <= +/-0.5% <= 0.1%
1-10mL 0.05mL <= +/-0.5% <= 0.1%
2.5-25mL 0.1mL <= +/-0.5% <= 0.1%
5-50mL 0.2mL <= +/-0.5% <= 0.1%

The new Dispensette® S builds on a half century of BRAND® bottletop dispenser experience. It features a floating piston design with even lower operating forces, a new safety discharge system, and an improved sealing system, eliminating sealing washers for even better reliability. Designed to attach directly to your reagent bottle eliminating poured transfer. In addition to the product improvements, a new 0.1-1mL size is available.

Choose the Dispensette® S for general purpose dispensing of acids, bases, buffers and many common solvents (NOT suitable for HF). For hydrofluoric acid, choose the Dispensette® S Trace Analysis platinum-iridium. For concentrated acids, TFA, peroxides, THF and other difficult solvents, choose the Dispensette® S Organic. 

Choose from two different volume adjust mechanisms or fixed volume models. Analog adjustable models feature a sliding pointer with scalloped inner track, well suited for rapid volume changes from one end of the range to the other. Digital adjustable models are excellent for highly reproducible volume settings. All are available with or without a recirculation valve that allows easy priming without ‘spitting’ or wasting of reagent. Many accessories, including adapters for nearly any unpressurized container are available. Dispensette® S bottletop dispenser is supplied with performance certificate, telescoping filling tube, recirculation valve and recirculation tube (if specified), valve mounting tool and a selection of polypropylene adapters. Bottle not included.

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