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Eagle Thermoplastic
Disposable Polystyrene Beakers

  • Disposable, translucent polystyrene, resistant to diluted or weak acids, alcohols and bases
  • Usable to 200°F, with four-way pour spouts

Smaller sizes suitable for use as sampling cup for atomic absorption units, flame photometers and blood cell counters. Graduations on 150 mL and larger, accurate to ±5%.

CanLab No. Description Qty/Uom
11S2451 Beaker, 5 ml. 1000/PK
61S2451 Beaker, 10 ml. 1000/PK
12S2451 Beaker, 20 ml. 500/PK
13S2451 Beaker, 50 ml. 500/PK
14S2451 Beaker, 150 ml. 100/PK
15S2451 Beaker, 250 ml. 100/PK
67S2451 Beaker, 800 ml. 100/PK
68S2451 Beaker, 1000 ml. 100/PK

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