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EMD Millipore
EZ-Pak Membranes And Membrane Dispenser

By pressing the lever, the EZ-Pak dispenser delivers a single sterile membrane and automatically collects the protective packaging.

  • No protective papers to separate manually from membrane, eliminating time and contamination risk from handling membranes and packaging
  • Easy-load pleated band membrane packs into dispenser

Assured Convenience and Sterility
EZ-Pak membranes and dispenser revolutionize filter handling for MF method testing by combining the benefits of ready-to-use, sterile, individually-packed membranes with unique handling ease.

Simply press the lever to unpack and dispense one sterile membrane. The dispenser uncovers and maintains membrane in horizontal position until operator retrieves it with forceps.

Used packaging film and paper are collected on the dispenser spool as the next membrane is dispensed, keeping work space clear throughout testing. Simply discard empty packaging bands when cartridge is used up.

Clear advantages include operating convenience, less risk of accidental membrane contamination, less care and skill required to aseptically separate membrane from packaging and reduced time per test.

Special pleated band packaging facilitates loading packs of 150 membranes into the dispenser. A box contains 4 cartridges with 150 filters each, or 1 cartridge with 150 filters and 150 Microfil funnels.

For accurate testing and sample processing, and to assure traceability, membrane catalogue number, lot number, pore size and sequential number (from 1 to 150) are printed on the clear, protective cover of every membrane cell. Unused membranes remain safely packed in pleated band. No special precautions needed, even for extended periods between use.

Combine EZ-Pak and Microfil disposable funnel units to optimize security, speed and comfort.

CanLab No. Description Qty/Uom
30N7121 EZ-Pak 0.45um, 47mm, Black Grid 600/PK
10N7121 EZ-Pak Membrane Dispenser 1/EA

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