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Grade 255½ Qualitative Filter Paper

A medium fast filter paper used for the filtration of the mash for the determination of the extract in malt and wort and for removing carbon dioxide from beer.

  • Savings in time required to quadrant-fold circles to fit conical filter funnels in repetitive or multiple analyses
  • Decreased overall filtration time because of the extra surface area exposed; the normal slow down of filtration speed due to the loading of particulate is postponed
  • Increased total loading capacity as more filter area is available
  • Maintained flow rate due to the reduction in filter paper contact with funnel side and the self-supporting shape of the filter itself
  • The prepleating does not significantly affect any of the technical data, and the same figures may be used for the flat circles

Time-saving Whatman qualitative grades are offered in this convenient form, which gives major advantages over flat circles.

CanLab No. Description Qty/Uom
49Y3121 Grade 2555 ½ Qualitative Filter Paper Folded (Prepleated), 240 mm 100/PK

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