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Heating Mantle RB Flask 50ml

Voltage: 115
Flask Capacity (ml): 50
Max. Flask Diameter (mm): 48
Watts: 60
Inside Depth (in): 0.94
Outside Diameter (in): 6.25
Outside Height (in): 4.13
Product Weight (lbs): 2.2

Heating mantles are preferred to Bunsen burners or hot plates for organic liquids. They provide even heating (no hot spots) and maximum surface coverage for better temperature uniformity. The Series TM spherical flask mantle covers only the flask's bottom half, letting you see its full contents. Larger sizes have multiple circuits for ease of temperature control when a flask is less than half full. 

  • Rigid housing provides strength and durability while supporting the weight of the vessel
  • Fabric interior to softly nest glass vessels to reduce the chance of thermal shock and damage to glassware
  • Withstands 400°C internal operating temperature
  • Feet on smaller sizes designed to provide stability and promote cooler exterior temperatures
  • All 115 volt and the TM122 are CSA certified

WARNING: chemical spillage, overheating, overloading, and general misuse will greatly reduce service life!

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