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Maximum SecurityTM

The right product for anyone who must responsibly pick up and dispose of any hazardous spill.

  • White, granular and extremely lightweight
  • 100% Dust Free and non reactive
  • Exceeds all standards set by EPA in regards to liquid waste disposal


  • Capture even the most dangerous spills
  • All natural material mined in Colorado
  • A green absorbent that comes directly from the earth and is safe for all applications
  • Will imprison and hold industrial spills and never release them
  • Not only tough, but safe to use and 100% dustless
  • Passes the EPA 20 year leachate test

CanLab No. Description Qty.
22B7911 i-Chem Maximum Security, 32 oz Canister 12/CS
32B7911 i-Chem Maximum Security, 0.2 ft³, 1-lb Bag 6/CS
42B7911 i-Chem Maximum Security, 1 ft³, 8-lb Bag 1/EA

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