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labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)
PH200 Portable Meter Kit for Dairy Products

The labForce TS-D200 Portable pH Meter is designed for professional pH measurement of dairy products (milk, buttermilk cream, yogurt, etc.) and other liquid food such as jam, BBQ sauce, syrup, etc. The 3-in-1 Glass pH/Temperature Electrode uses Proselyte electrolyte, Silver Ion Trap reference system, and a patented pH/temp. dual sensor structure, making precise and quick pH measurement of dairy products easier than ever. Say goodbye to clogged junctions and fluctuating readings. The unique blue hemispherical glass membrane has a faster response rate, better repeatability, and built tough - highly resistant to general impact membrane.

The TS-D200 Portable pH meter for dairy products and liquid food has a ±0.01 pH accuracy in a range of 0-14 pH, and Temperature Range: -5 to 100°C (23 to 212°F), Auto Calibration with auto recognition of up to 12 kinds of buffer solutions, Auto. Temp. Compensation and supports stable reading/auto-hold display mode. The meter’s digital filter technology improves response time and accuracy.

It also incorporates Smart Self Diagnosis of out-of-range measurements, incorrect calibrations, and electrode invalidation warnings. Other functions include calibration reminders, calibration date checking, easy parameter setting.

GLP standard data management, 500 data sets of storage, manual/auto timing storage, USB charging and data output, data protection in case of power outage are also included.

Its rugged design incorporates a white backlit large LCD, foldable stand (for benchtop use), soft silicon case giving you a good grip, connector protection cap, IP57 waterproof, battery and/or USB power supply.

Includes Meter, 3-in-1 Glass pH/Temperature Electrode, buffers, USB cable, software disk & carrying case.

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