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Sartorius Liquid Handling
Picus Multi-Channel Electronic Pipettes (Upgrade)

The Sartorius Picus is the smallest and lightest electronic pipette (only 100 g), featuring patented electronic tip ejection, comfortable operation buttons, and a unique adjustment wheel. The DC-motor concept and built-in error control ensures accurate and precise results. All Picus units include a universal AC adapter.

The adjustment wheel offers extremely fast volume setting and easy menu navigation. It enables ergonomic one-handed operation and accurately controls manual pipetting and titrating speed with just a light touch of thumb.

Enhanced DC-motor concept takes Picus a step beyond the existing technological solutions providing outstanding performance. Electronic brake stops the piston movement rapidly and precisely ensuring high precision especially in serial dispensing. Optical sensor controls and monitors piston movement in real time ensuring unbeatable accuracy and reliability.

The unique, built-in, microwell plate tracker for 96 and 384 well plates guides the user to pipette into correct wells. This improves work efficiency and reliability of results. The tracker is an optional feature used in conjunction with Pipetting, Reverse Pipetting and Multi Dispensing modes.

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