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PolyWear Disposable Gowns

PolyWear® Disposable Gowns                                                                                                                        

PolyWear® Smooth Gowns

  • Available in eight popular colors.
  • In compliance with FDA requirements and tested in accordance with ASTM standards including breaking load, tensile strength and elongation.
  • Successfully tested for liquid and aerosol blood resistance under ASTM F 1670 Synthetic Blood Penetration *Resistance and ASTM F 1671 Bacteriophage Penetration Resistance.
  • In compliance with OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards (standard number 1910.1030).
  • AAMI levels 1 & 2 barrier protection.
  • Superior physical properties over imports.
  • Easy tear-away feature for quick gown removal and safe disposal.
  • Contoured thumb loops secure gown sleeve for added protection.
  • Redirects stress to the film material not the thermal seals to minimize breakage potential.
  • Full-length open back affords better comfort and shoulder coverage.
  • Provides liquid and aerosol blood resistance.
  • Lightweight, non-linting construction.

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