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PYREX® 1L One Piece Continuous Heavier than Water Liquid/Liquid Extractor System

This 1L PYREX® single piece continuous liquid/liquid extractor is for use with solvents of heavier specific gravity than sample liquid being extracted. It is designed to meet EPA test method requirements outlined by SW-846, RCRA, and CLP. The sidearm is sealed to the extractor body just below the 45/50 Standard Taper outer joint. The sidearm is sealed higher on the body to reduce the chance of water spilling over while draining remaining solvent from the extractor body at the end of the extraction. Extraction can be performed outside the hood. However, as dictated by safe laboratory practices, we recommend that some type of ventilation system be used above or near the units in case of a drop in condenser water temperature or loss of condenser cold water supply. This system comes complete with PYREX® Allihn condenser with a 45/50 Standard Taper inner joint and 500mL PYREX® round bottom boiling flask with 24/40 Standard Taper outer joint. For a replacement extractor only, see No. 3920-MBO; for a replacement 500mL flask, see No. 4320-500; for a replacement Allihn condenser, see No. 3840-MCO.

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