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Racks with Screw Caps for XT

Closure System for 2D SAFE: Screw Caps XT (96/48/24)                                                                     

The patented 2-phase TPE compression enables an optimal leak-tightness. The double phase-sealing is a particularly innovative feature. While closing, the first contact between the lateral edge of the tube and screw cap guarantees the seal against liquids (liquid sealing), the contact of the screw connection with the upper end of the tube edge minimises the ingress and leakage of gases (vapour sealing). In principle, screw caps are delivered in three different forms: pre-screwed, in a cap rack (SBS 96/48) or loosely in a bag. By default, LVL offers more than 12 different cap colours, which can also be mixed column by column for larger quantities.

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