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Single channel Transferpette® S pipettes

Precision workmanship, high grade materials, "Made in Germany" quality – it’s what you see on first glance and appreciate every time you use the new Transferpette® S.

The finer points of the design will be evident when the instrument is in your hand.

• Slim hand grip—Provides a comfortable and secure fit in any hand
• One-handed operation—Perform all functions (set volume, pipette, tip ejection) without changing your grip
• Volume-change protection—Simple to operate and clearly shows when the volume setting is locked
• Slim shaft—Narrow tubes? With the slim shaft, easily pipette into narrow tubes such as 15 mL conical tubes
• Easy cleaning—The shaft tucks inside the handgrip for smooth surfaces, making cleaning easier
• Low forces—Short pipetting stroke, easy mounting and tip ejection make pipetting a breeze Experience how simple, easy and efficient pipetting can be with  the new Transferpette® S, and find the right single- or multichannel pipette for your application on the following pages.
• Universal tip cone fits tips from most quality manufacturers
• Completely autoclavable at 121 °C
• Color-coded pipette accents make pipette and tip selection easy
• Easy mounting and ejection of tips with O-rings on multi-channel pipettes

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