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Smart Ductless Fume Hoods

Simpler to use, Safer to operate

Erlab's Captair Smart ductless fume hoods are designed with advanced carbon filtration, Flex Technology and a simple, innovative way to keep you safe. With Erlab's unique validation process, safety is guaranteed and chemical exposure is eliminated by the configuarable filtering system above the enclosure. Installation is simple and no ductwork is necessary allowing for relocation. With the push of one button, it will set you free of limitations in order to focus on what is most important: your work.

Each unit comes with Smart Technology™ – an exclusive set of tools that consists of Smart-Light Communication™, chemical sensors (optional), real-time status, and the eGuard app. Smart Technology gives you an easily identifiable method of communication regarding containment, performance and filter efficiency via a soft, LED band of light called Smart-Light. Smart-Light is a light signature across the front panel which casts a stable LED glow ensuring proper operation. If normal operation is disrupted, the reassuring LED light pulses and sounds, drawing the attention of the operator only when necessary for the following:

  • 1 Beep – 60 Hour Timer
  • 2 Beeps – Air face Velocity (Monitored through hot wire Anemometer)
  • 3 Beeps – Filter Saturation (*Optional Molecode detection sensor)
  • 4 Beeps – Fan Failure

Superior air filtration performance

Erlab's products feature the BE+ filter, the most advanced molecular filtration technology available for ductless fume hoods. Multiple chemical types can be adsorbed at the same time, so you are no longer limited to applicatoin-specific filters or the inability to adapt to new lab processes.

Safety is our first priority: Filtration and containement performance cmplay with the AFNOR NFX 15-211 standard (Class 1 and 2).

Activate the power of the Smart technology

Each unit comes with Smart Technology – an exclusive set of tools that is comprised of smart-light communication, chemical sensors, real-time status, and the eGuard app.

Smart-light communication is a soft band of light on the unit that lets you know the unit is operating safely. The band of light will slowly pulse to let you know if the air flow is compromised, if there is a fan failure, or there it is time to change your filters.

Erlab commits to guaranteeing your safety

Our safety program integrates and validates all steps to guarantee your safety: our laboratory examines your application to recommend a suitable solution and certify the use of each of our devices. Our post-installation follow-up service means you benefit from the best possible protection over time.

Enhance your user experience with eGuard APP

With eGuard App, the device can be monitored and controlled remotely. The device's connectivity allows you to receive safety alerts in real time via your mobile, tablet or PC.

Please Note: Filters are REQUIRED, and are sold separately. Please see the Accessories link underneath this product block for more information.

Model 321 391 481 392 483 633 714
Width (mm) 780 1000 1260 1005 1280 1600 1800
Depth (mm) 620 750
Height min - max (mm) 1110 - 1285 1340 - 1515
Air Flow 220 m3/h 440 m3/h 660 m3/h 880 m3/h
Sash openings Oblong Total openings or new reverso sash
Air Face Velocity 0.4 to 0.6 m/s - 79 fpm to 118 fpm
Power consumption 65 W 105 W 160 W 220 W
Voltage/Fequency 80 - 220V / 50-60 Hz
Structure Corrosion resistant electro-galvanized steel coated with anti-acid polymer
Side and front panels Chemical resistant acrylic
Filtration module Polypropylene
Safety Standards AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009 : France - BS 7989 : England DIN 12 927 : Germany - EN 1822 : 1998 (HEPA H14 & ULPA U17 Filters) - CE Marking

CanLab No. Description Qty/Uom
42M6911 32" Ductless Fume Hood, 90-264V/50-60Hz (1  lter required) 1/EA

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