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Universal Spill Kit

  • Neutralizes acids and bases
  • Color-coded
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe to handle
  • Easy-to-store
  • Easy-to-use

Ampho-Mag™ is a rapid response powder that safely adsorbs and treats any spill and produces less heat and spattering than any other neutralizer available. This product can be used on acids, bases, organics, hydrocarbons, water reactive liquids, poisons, air reactive liquids, oxidizers, reducing agents and a host of other types of chemicals. Designed to change colors, red is for acid, blue is for base and yellow/green is neutral. It is easy to use and requires no additional training or safety equipment and is safe to handle, requiring no special precautions. Rust inhibitor prevents degradation of hazmat shipping and storage containers. A gas neutralizer and adsorbent, it prevents pressure build-up in containers.

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