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Thermo Scientific Nalgene
Wide Mouth Economy HDPE Bottles

  • Polypropylene screw closure
  • High-Density Polyethylene

Lightweight economy version of the original Nalgene bottle. Suitable for short-term general purpose laboratory and field applications such as collecting samples and containing working solutions like buffers, bench reagents and chemical aliquots. Thinner-walled and more flexible than the Nalgene Lab Quality bottle, but still guaranteed leakproof. Wide mouth is easy to fill with dry materials or liquids. Translucent. Excellent chemical resistance to most acids, bases and alcohols.

Note: The Nalgene Lab Quality bottle (Cat. No. 2104) is not recommended for hazardous and critical material containment.

CanLab No. Description Qty/Uom
63H3221 Bottle Wide Mouth HDPE 30 ml 72/CS
73H3221 Bottle Wide Mouth HDPE 60 ml 72/CS
83H3221 Bottle Wide Mouth HDPE 125 ml 72/CS
93H3221 Bottle Wide Mouth HDPE 250 ml 72/CS
04H3221 Bottle Wide Mouth HDPE 500 ml 48/CS
14H3221 Bottle Wide Mouth HDPE 1000 ml 24/CS

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