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One-stop source for all your Laboratory needs. Canada Labs is a prominent laboratory equipment supplier of Canada.

  • Lab Supplies

    CanLab is the leading supplier of Lab Supplies in Canada. Our selection of lab Supplies consists of best quality from all leading brands.

    Canlab provide different lab supplieses as, PYREX® Griffin Low-Form Beakers, Borosilicate Glass Culture Tubes, Colored and Frosted Microscope Slides, PYREX Heavy-Duty Graduated Erlenmeyer Flasks, Graduated GL 45 Media Storage Bottles with Caps, Kimwipe® EX-L Delicate Task Wipers, Grade 3 Qualitative Filter Papers,  More lab supplieses..

  • Lab Chemicals

    We provide a complete solution of laboratory chemicals to our customers. Solvents, Acids, Inorganic salts, Stains & Dyes, Methylene Blue, Microbiological Media, Acetic Acid, Isopropyl Alcohol, Lactobacilli / Yeast are the few to name out of the wide range of chemicals we supply. More Lab Chemicals

  • Lab Equipments & Instruments

    We supply lab equipment and instruments throughout Canada. We consistently analyze our products to provide you with best quality and flawless lab equipment. Provide various lab eqiupment as, JC Series Microscopes, Mini Centrifuge, Thomas Hot Plate Stirrers, Precision Balance, Boekel Slide Storage Cabinet, Mini Tube Rotator, Digital General Purpose Water Baths, SCILOGEX Analog Orbital Shaker, we have wide range of lab equipments and instruments.  More Lab Equipments..

  • Lab Safety & Apparel

    While working in chemical laboratory and manufacturing industries, human safety is the unavoidable thing. Keeping this in mind for this we provide safety apparel like, Power-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves, Chloroprene Exam Gloves, Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat (PAM) Insoles, Personal ESD Anti-Static Insoles, MEGA Soles, Mellows® Foam Ear Plugs, First Aid Kit Laboratory, 411 Sof-Tred™ 3/8" Floor Matting,   More Safety Material..

  • HPLC / GC Consumables

    We offer a wide range of HPLC / GC Consumables for everyday supplies and laboratory work for an infinite number of applications. HPCL-GC-Consumables provide Solvent Filtration Kit, Sample Filtration Kit, Syring Filter, Mobile Phase Filter, Peek / SS Tubing, Tube Cutters, Peek Finger Tight Fittings / Unions,   More HPCL-GC-Consumables

  • Covid-19 Novel Corona Virus related Lab Supplies

    We are leading supplier of Lab supplies related to Covid-19 Sample Collection, Sample Extraction, Sample Detection Lab Products.

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  • About Us

    Canada Labs is a prominent laboratory equipment supplier of Canada. Our main motto is to provide efficient, hassle-free and appropriate service in the supply of laboratory products within Canada.

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    Canadian Lab Products Inc.
    13 Edvac Drive,
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    ON L6S 5X8, Canada.

    Phone: (905) 556 0428
    Toll Free: 1-844-446-7450

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